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Welcome to La Bella Hair Extensions.

I am a mobile hair extension technician providing beautiful, long and natural looking hair to clients across Kent. I hand tip all of my own extensions and provide a range of hair types specific to my clients individual needs NANO RING HAIR EXTENSIONS Full head of Hand Made Nano Tip Hair Extensions 16" European Hair which lasts between 6 and 12 months from £320 16" Indian Remy hair which lasts approx. 3 months £259 NANO RING MAINTENANCE EVERY 4 / 6 WEEKS IS £70 FULL HEAD OF MICRO RING EXTENSIONS 18" Premium indian remy hair extensions £199 22" Premium indian remy hair extensions £215 MICRO RING MAINTENANCE EVERY 4 / 6 weeks and is £60 Full Head of Micro loop Hair Extensions 16" - 18" indian remy hair extensions £165 20" indian remy hair extensions £180 MAINTENANCE FOR ALL MICRO LOOP EXTENSIONS IS £50 AND RECOMMENDED EVERY 4 - 6 WEEKS FULL HEAD OF MICRO WEFT EXTENSIONS 20" indian straight remy hair 120g extensions £105 All La Bella Hair Extensions are high quality and hand made! no glue, no mess and no fuss. They can be curled Straightened and washed like your own hair. The techniques i provide are micro loop, micro ring extensions and the new NANO Extensions which are one of the only single strand extensions which cause very little damage to the hair. There is no heat, glue, keratin bonding or sewing . I offer free consultations and colour matching services for all of my clients so please get in touch 01892 575904


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