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Regardless of how well you look after your animals, keeping them free of harmful parasites is incredibly difficult, almost impossible. In fact, deworming is the only way to fully protect your pets. There are many brands to choose from, so it’s important you know the difference between brands and what they offer.

Panacur provides a range of wormers for both horse and dogs. One of their popular products, Equine Paste, targets adult and immature roundworms that have infested the gastro-intestinal tract in horses. You can either syringe this paste directly into the your horse’s mouth or mix it in with their feed. Panacur Liquid Guard is also available and is used as a 5 day gradual treatment.

Panacur’s dog wormers come in the form of granules or paste. Like the equine version, it can be mixed into food or administered orally. The dog range has an ovicidal effect on nematode eggs as well as acting as a treatment for general roundworm. For adult dogs, it is an effective treatment for tapeworms and treats puppies infected with protozoa. It also reduces prenatal infections like toxocara canis, this is an awful condition which is easily transferred to puppies via their mothers milk. Panacur also rids dogs of lungworm, oslerus esleri or protozoa giardia.

There are brands who focus on specialising for one particular species or type of animal. Drontal Plus is one of the most famous dog worming tablets, as they notoriously kill more varieties of tapeworms and roundworms than any other wormer. It comes in the form of easily digestible tablets, with clear information on dosage, dependable on weight and breed.

Drontal Puppy Suspension is also available for puppies and younger dogs up to one year old. Common problems it deals with at this age is hookworm and whipworm as well as all previously mentioned.

The most important thing about choosing any dog or horse wormers is that you have to know what your dog is suffering from. It is always advised to visit your vet before making any decision on new medicines.



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