Should Mount Pleasant Road be pedestrianised? Tunbridge Wells considering shared space

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By kentsussex | Wednesday, February 27, 2013, 12:36

Could shared space soon be coming to Tunbridge Wells?

The borough council is pushing for the scheme - which sees pedestrians, cyclists and cars having equal priority.

It would see Mount Pleasant Road largely pedestrianised.

Road markings, traffic controls and pavements would also be removed, reports the BBC.

Councillor Paul Barrington-King said it could make the town "a bit more pedestrian-friendly".

But critics say it's dangerous for visually impaired people.



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    Yet another stupid idea from TWBC - these idiots seem to delight in wasting our money on schemes that are not thought out.

    We do not need Mount Pleasant to be shared with drivers and pedestrians in same space - it is dangerous enough as it is with boy racers and other idiot drivers careering down the hill - this is an accident waiting to happen!

    They wasted our money with the stupid clock at Fiveways - they wasted our money building steps in Calverley Park to replace the lovely winding paths - the steps are so steep that most people avoid them!

    If they want to do something constructive get the old cinema site cleared and give the owners an ultimatum that if they do not do it then TWBC will - a much better use of our money which will make the town centre more pleasant.

    Stop allowing small spaces in the town to be filled up with ever more housing - which will require more schools in the town and create ever more traffic.

    Create an outer ring road for through traffic and why not make the High Street one-way only.

    By cas1946 at 13:49 on 12/04/13

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    Guide Dogs for the Blind are totally against shared space in any form.
    The only way you can resolve the issues around the visually impaired is not to have shared space in the first place.Paths are for pedestrians the road is for traffic-the interface between the two are called crossings.Traffic and people dont mix very well but traffic and guide dogs sharing the same space is an accident waiting to happen.
    Another stupid local agenda 21 policy designed by ecofascists imposed by idiots in local government.

    By MrSwing at 10:04 on 28/03/13

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    Definitely an excellent idea! I think the majority of Tunbridge Wells would be far better off fully pedestrianized!

    Improve the roads around the town if required, but most inner town roads in TW are unnecessary!

    Go ahead! I'm sure you can resolve the issues around the visually impaired.

    By jon_creese at 08:42 on 26/03/13

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